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Vlog Review: This is my Brain in Love

Jocelyn’s family runs a small Chinese restaurant that might be seeing its last days. Will’s future in journalism depends on his ability to get over his anxieties and interact with people face-to-face. When the two troubles collide over one summer, Jocelyn and Will must face their inner struggles and their feelings for one another as they attempt to save A-Plus Chinese from going under.

Vlog Review: Show Me a Sign

mise: An early American living in 1805 on Martha’s Vineyard, Mary lives among many people who, like her, are deaf. Her mom is hearing, but her dad is not. Life has gotten more difficult since her brother’s death, which Mary feels responsible for, earlier in the year. So when a young scientist arrives and looks a lot like her brother, Mary is unsure of how to react to him, especially when he behaves rudely to the deaf people on the island. But he needs a “live specimen” to prove his theories about deafness on the island. Could Mary be just who he’s looking for?

Vlog Review: Violets Are Blue

Wren used to be called Renata, but that name just doesn’t feel right anymore. Not since her parents got divorced, her dad got remarried, his new wife is pregnant, and Wren and her mother moved towns after some less-than-successful relationships. But when not much changes in the new town, Mom is acting strange, and Wren spends all her free time watching and practicing online make-up tutorials, something has to change.

What I’m reading now….

Mary, on the cover of Show Me a Sign by Ann Clare LeZotte, appears to be signing the modern ASL word “family” while KZ’s shirt spells out L-O-V-E.

What I’m writing (WIP)…curriculum! (It’s the schoolyear. On hiatus from…)

MIKE LUPICA meets THE BABYSITTERS CLUB middle grades series about the quick, quiet, competitive ten year-old new girl who must make and pay for the soccer team her family can’t afford if she wants to form friends and silence her doubters, which include herself.

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