I’m KZ Rochelle.

a writer, reader, teacher, coach, athlete, mother, and wife

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Vlog Review: Maybe He Just Likes You

Time to celebrate a birthday with a circle of friends in a group hug. But when a group of basketball boys insert themselves in the hug and continue to hug or touch Mila in the coming days, is it all in her head or does their snickering mean more?

Vlog Review: What Girls are Made of

Nina loves her boyfriend Seth. She’ll do anything for him. She’ll worship him. But something about that doesn’t settle in to her experiences with her mom, who tells Nina there’s no such thing as unconditional love, and takes her to Italy to visit iconic sculptures of women.

Vlog Review: Taking Up Space

The Best Thing about this Book is that the perspective gives you a window into what it’s like to devolve into unhealthy body image beliefs, eating habits, etc.

What I’m reading now….

KZ holds onto Elana K. Arnold’s National Book Award Finalist What Girls Are Made Of

What I’m writing (WIP)…

MIKE LUPICA meets THE BABYSITTERS CLUB middle grades series about the quick, quiet, competitive ten year-old new girl who must make and pay for the soccer team her family can’t afford if she wants to form friends and silence her doubters, which include herself.

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