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The Days of Our Pandemic: episode sane

This is it! Our hope! Our dreams of getting out of these four walls are finally coming to fruition! Here! In this moment! And you cannot unhinge us with your reckless ineptitude.”

The Days of Our Pandemic: episode the

Outside the lavender home with blue violet trim on Wonky Way Lane, a pair of peregrine falcons soared on the breeze over a rabbit den, flapping their wings and paying no particular attention to the bunnies below. Prior peoples have seen a harbinger herein, but such as those had long since considered the signs in the skies. They’d traded them (in an unsought barter) for the signs of insides. 

Vlog Review: American Betiya (scbwi emerging voices winner)

Rani’s Indian immigrant parents want her to focus on school and not get distracted by other things, especially not boys. So when Rani meets and falls for Oliver, a senior at her high school who has tattoos, she has to keep her American world with Oliver separate from her Indian world with her family.

What I’m reading now….

KZ demonstrates night reading of Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier.

What I’m writing (WIP)…

MATT CHRISTOPHER meets THE BABYSITTERS CLUB lower middle grades series about the quick, quiet, and competitive ten year-old new girl must make and pay for the soccer team her family can’t afford if she wants to form friends and silence her doubters, which include herself.

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