KZ Rochelle

writer, teacher, mother, athlete

Available for hire in the following areas and more:

  • Tutoring (live or virtual, dependent upon location): KZ holds two secondary teaching credentials, English & History, and has over 10 yrs. experience tutoring Math

  • Writing Feedback:
    KZ has taught English at every grade level from 6-12. She works with every stage of the writing process for class writing projects/essays through college statements

  • Running/Training Programs:
    KZ started coaching soccer at 16 y.o. and has served as running specialist for several teams. She also works on gait. (KZ is an avid runner herself and creates track workouts and race implementation plans)
  • Public Speaking:
    KZ taught middle school debate, MSPDP for four years and has spoken at women’s retreats for local churches. She can teach public speaking or be your public speaker on a variety of expertises including academia, writing, fitness, body images, and the Bible